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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16/7

Beloved Readers,

I love this gigantic heart that’s showing up down below, don’t you? It popped up this size all by itself in my newsletter, so I decided I would leave it be and allow it to manifest as it so chooses! I believe its message is for us to open our hearts knowing that WE ARE LOVE made manifest here on Earth in physical form!

Already the powerful energy of this upcoming Eclipse is being felt, by me anyway, and probably by most, if not all of you too. Generally a lunar eclipse, whether it be partial or total is as powerful as a super moon. But in my way of reckoning, its far more powerful. The full moon is notorious for being a time of great releasing when all is brought up to the surface – ye olde baggage, so to speak – to be cleared out, and the space it once held to be ‘done and dusted’, as it is renewed. And with Pluto  in the mix next week it looks like we will have no choice but too devote ourselves to a good olde spiritual house cleaning!

But this is infinitely GOOD!! What an awesome opportunity we have now to make a great leap forward! At this junction, once again, our Christed Selves are gently prompting us forward on the wheel of evolutionary change.

Is there any other way?

Once we become aware of ourselves as creators and how Creation works, and the Divine Laws through which it operates, it becomes impossible to ignore. One wants desperately to set things right, to establish balance, peace and harmony in our lives and on our Planet. It befalls those who are awakened to use our Light and to ‘walk our talk’, to do whatever we can (which is a lot!) to bring about change and peaceful resolution to all of that which we have mis-created in our lives, in our world and on this innocent Planet.

Even if there is only a few of us gathered together in our Christed Hearts, with focused intention, great changes can be wrought!!

If only we all knew how desperately necessary this is right now! It brings tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart just imagining the suffering of the precious electrons and elemental beings who have taken on the most grossest of forms at our bequest as humans with the free will to create as we please without further thought to the consequences of our actions, thoughts and words spoken.

Without further ado, we announce another Full Moon Workshop next Tuesday the 16th July where we will  work together once again as a group to become the channels of purity and divine grace with the assistance of the great Master Beings of Light who are always waiting for the call from humanity.

Please do visit the webpage to make your booking for the workshop.

The cost of the LIVE workshop is 33 Euro and the recordings are 17 Euro. Daniela and myself, look forward to once again being of service to all of Creation.

Once again, let me say, WE ARE LOVE MADE MANIFEST IN PHYSICAL FORM, as is all of LIFE here. Let us return to that which we are Beloveds!

As the Beloved Master Saint Germain says: “Know full well from whence you sprang and to what you are heirs.”

I leave you with much love and gratitude for being a part of my physical journey at this great time of transformation!

With Infinite Love and Light,
~Deborah Faith

love images“Love means setting aside walls and fences, unlocking doors and saying YES!”