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Beloved Earth Angels,

These 3 cards have been drawn with a very specific message which I wish to share with you today, as some of it may resonate with you and what you wish to achieve at this time.

With the first card above “Your Children Are Watched Over by Angels”, I am receiving the message from the Archangel that it is imperative at this time that we focus on ourselves as being at all times “Overlighted” and protected by the I AM Presence – the God Self, which could be perceived as the God Parent, with us in the human realm – being the Child of God. The message is that we are always in the Radiance – the Light of God – Father/Mother God – or whatever your perceive this energy to be or wish it to be called. Just so long as you know (beyond all shadows of doubt) that It is SUPERLATIVE in It’s POWER! And that once we are aware of It’s powerful Radiance that we STAY in that CENTER of POWER at all times, and avail ourselves of IT, for It desire’s nothing more than to BE the Divine Parent of It’s Creation. By focusing our attention in our Hearts, we are AWARE/CONSCIOUS of Its unconditional Love for us, but when we move out of our hearts and into our human minds and personality ego – the sense of survival and separation pervades the Truth of our Being, thus swaying us and causing us suffering of some kind or nature.

In the 2nd Card – there again is Michael’s confirmation of what his message to us is in the first card:

Archangel Michael card readings

In this card Michael is urging you to remember your Divinity – Your Divine Heritage!  And to act accordingly, to cease blaming yourself and belittling yourself! For when you choose to act in this manner, you belittle your God Self and your God Parent! You are here in this Earth School in order to grow and learn and expand in Soul Consciousness, not to berate yourself or others for that matter! Everyone deserves love and respect – and it is imperative that we begin to perceive ourselves and each other as Golden Angels of Light – for it is from that Source from which we come. Strive therefore at all times to maintain Presence in this Center of Truth – the Truth of your Being which is centered in our SACRED HEARTS.

The Ascended Master Jesus said this about his Ascension:

“Throughout my Earth life I had to consciously be on guard so that I did not accept, through the avenues of the senses, the appalling human appearances with which I was surrounded. It took tremendous effort to not accept these appearances as real, for if I had allowed My consciousness to be tied into the appearance of distress and imperfection around Me, the vibratory action of all My Vehicles would have been lowered, and the resultant density of those vehicles would have shut off the flow of Spiritual Vitality required to achieve public Ascension.”

In the 3rd Card, Michael reminds us to “Pay Attention to Your Dreams”

Through this card Michael urges us to place focus on our personal goals and DREAMS for achieving the Ascension in this lifetime. For those who have chosen this path, it is possible! There is so much activity within the Higher Realms of Light at we speak, that is now easier than ever to achieve the dream that we have held for our Soul’s evolution for many eons of time.  We  have only to exercise our Free Will consciously into the activity of Light for positive creation, in self-less dedication and service to humanity (which is part of the nature of Christ Consciousness) and to all of life on this beautiful Earth. As he has said before – “I AM” – meaning  THE LIGHT OF YOUR BEING is at your command. Therefore become A CONSCIOUS CO-CREATOR and bring forth your dream of walking the Earth as a fully empowered and embodied Vehicle of Light!

And so it IS!


~ Deborah Faith


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