Teachings of Jesus

The Prince of Peace by Akiane

In My experience of nearly two thousand years ago, during My ministry. upon Earth I had the daily and hourly God-assistance of that magnificent Faith in the goodness of My Heavenly Father. Of course, in My Ascended Master consciousness today, that Faith is tremendously expanded and all-powerfully active. This Faith in God’s power to act instantly and perfectly through Me enabled Me to bring about every miracle which I performed. Yet, I realized fully that I, Myself, had to set up in My Own consciousness the thoughts and feelings through which the Father could freely act. Many individuals who sought My aid were wise enough to ask: – – – – – – “Lord, help Thou my unbelief!” For this I was very grateful for it enabled Me to help them accept the assistance they required. Others refusing to accept the power of God acting through Me, could not receive the blessings for which I was then the channel. Therefore, blessed ones, in the secret prayers of your own heart, do not hesitate to ask Me to help your unbelief. I shall do so!

Beloved Ascended Master Jesus, the Christ.