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archangel michael readingsBeloved Earth Angels,

I thought it would be a good idea to share a weekly card reading as there is so much happening now and many of you may resonate with the message from Archangel Michael.

This week the Beloved Archangel is stressing the importance of being in control of your own energy. The first card “Decide to be happy now”  serves as a reminder that we ARE in control of our feelings and if we’re feeling down hearted at all we do certainly have it within our power to change those feelings into love and a joyful countenance simply by turning (tuning) our attention to what is GOOD in life, and the goodness and blessings life affords us. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way and has far-reaching consequences in the Cosmos – so the Archangel reminds us. Choose to focus on the fun aspects of life and don’t think it’s silly laughing at yourself and some of the quirky things you do! The angels will enjoy laughing with you!

archangel michael card readings

Remember to ask! Prayer is  powerful tool and if you are needing assistance of any sort right now, please do not hesitate to ASK. Every prayer IS answered, not always in your expected timing, but certainly in DIVINE TIMING. You are to let go and let the divinity within you decide WHEN the time is best for you to receive the answers you are seeking!

archangel michael oracle cards readings

Oooooh this is a biggie! Please make a commitment to yourself, Make a commitment to spending time with your I AM Presence in silent meditation, in contemplation, even if it means just taking some time out to ponder on the nature of God and the role It plays in your existence here. When you can make time for yourself  in this way, you open doors, passageways so to speak, through which the energy and radiant Love and Light of the I AM can flow into your life-stream and so enhance your entire life experience. And in this way you develop an exquisite relationship – friendship – with the highest Light within you. This is an honor beloveds and this relationship will truly serve you as no other can, or ever will.

We love and honor you and we are so grateful to be of service. If you would like a personal card reading, or if you have a personal question/s for Archangel Michael,  please do click on the link below.


~ Deborah Faith