Beloved Readers,

So many people who are awakening now first go in search of their Twin Flames, thinking they will find what they’re so longing for when it comes to that perfect love. But let me guide you that the love that you seek in within and before it can be made manifest on an outer level, it must first attain it’s unity within.

This is an excerpt from Ahnarmar, an ancient and enlightened being from Lemuria:

For those of you looking for your beloved somewhere outside yourself, let me say this is not the way it will happen. Your beloved is also part of you. He or she may have a body in the outer world, but meeting your twin flame when one is not fully ready for that initiation is a bit tricky. It is not often in your best interest because the experience of the third dimension does not always offer compatibility of character and spirit, unless both parties have reached the same level of readiness and evolution. Listen to this carefully. Look for the love that you yearn for inside yourself first, in every cell and electron of your heart and soul. Begin first to develop a relationship in unity consciousness within yourself. It is all there awaiting your attention. Your divine counterpart lives within you. The relationship you seek is nothing more than the reflection of your direct relationship with your own divine Self. When you learn to love yourself in every aspect of your essence, every aspect of your divinity, every aspect of your human experience, then that divine love for Self becomes the ruler of your heart and life and you will no longer look anywhere else. You will know that you have found it and it will not really matter what form it takes. Your heart will feel full and completely satisfied. At that stage of development in your spiritual life, the mirror or reflection of perfect love for Self will manifest itself tangibly in your life. This is divine law and cannot fail you. If it has not manifested in your life, either you are not ready for it or on the inner planes you have chosen to wait. It will show up in divine timing, and any waiting period will not matter because you will have united in your heart with the object of your yearning and your love. Once you have attained this state of divine love in your heart, nothing can be withheld from you, not even your twin flame. In the name of divine love, may I suggest that you begin looking for your beloved within your Self. This is the quickest way to be united with your twin flame. You do not have to put ads in the paper or visit a singles club. He or she will literally fall into your lap; you will not be able to avoid it.

There is a lot of people who are misinformed and we are here to guide you on this most exquisite inner relationship, the merging of the Twin Flame Essence within.

With love and infinite blessings!

~ Deborah Faith 💗