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archangel michael card reading innocenceThe Gift of Innocence

Archangel Michael is holding you in a comforting embrace, assuring you of your innocence. Ask him to help you forgive yourself and let go of guilt (which is a heavy emotion that keeps you from experiencing inner peace) by saying: “Archangel Michael, thank you for helping me forgive myself and for anything else I’ve blamed myself for. Please help me release all self-blame from my mind, body, and emotions.

Feel the sensation of deep release as Archangel Michael helps you embrace your true innocence. Your past behavior could never undo God’s perfect handiwork in creating you as a powerful, loving, and much-needed being of light and love.

Special Message from Archangel Michael:

Dear One, all of Life is God’s creation. All are borne of Innocence and have in Essence, the Spirit of Innocence within. Always see everything and everyone around you, including yourself, as Innocence. Innocence may become lost a little along the way, or disguise itself within its outer shell , but it can never be truly ever be covered or disguised completely, because it is always there in the very core, the very center of your Being, waiting to be uncovered. Therefore, always strive to see through the outward appearances of others, including yourself, so you can see the innocence within you. Look at others, and yourself, through the eyes of the Soul and your Diamond Heart, and you will always be able to see innocence. Stay focused in your Diamond Heart, and the rest, as they say, is history [their story, their human fable], for innocence shall reveal itself, and when it does, you shall weep tears of joy!


Deborah Faith

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