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Time To Be Your Authentic Self

I love the prayer on this card…. especially the part about being filled with TRUST as I experience these life changes.

There are new beginnings on the horizon, the ‘inner’ horizon that is, not the one you’re looking at in the world outside of you. That ‘outside’ drama is playing out as it is intended, and it shall not affect you so long as you remain centered within.

For now focus on what is going on inside of you – on what is being expanded within – and that may just be a greater perception of Self.

When you see yourself are you seeing yourself as a small human being living a limited existence? Or are you seeing yourself as you truly are?

The fact of the matter is, you – yes YOU, dear Reader, who is reading this blog right now, are a part of me, and I AM a part of you. Therefore I can say to you “I love you like no other,” because there is no other. Are you following me? This is the nature of Oneness.

When you can see yourself in the eyes of an ‘other’, or when you come to the realization that you ARE the other, and that everything that there is, IS YOU, then you begin to expand beyond the boundaries of limited perception, and you will eventually arrive at the conclusion that YOU are the world, and the World is YOU, and the Universe is YOU. And vice versa.

To further expound on the Truth of your Being……. there is NOTHING – NO THING – that can contain YOU. Not this Universe, nor the Multiverse for that matter, and even then YOU will always be GREATER than that!

You are SO GREAT that you cannot ever be contained.

So can we approach these new beginnings with a new perspective of ourselves?

This is a new beginning dear Reader. The past is over and done and we are so done being small and being limited and being separate from who we are, are we not? We are so done being victims. Now is the time to realize that FEAR is nothing but illusion! And all that there truly is, IS LOVE.

And that is YOU.

BE it. BEcome IT. BElieve IT! !

And so it is.


~ Deborah Faith

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