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guidance from the angels

Dear Readers,

Spring is in the air here in the Southern Hemisphere and we are so excited to welcome her! It’s been a very cold and thankfully wet winter here in Cape Town and we are so pleased to see that our dams are over 70% full! If we can sustain a regular rainfall pattern our water shortages will become a distant memory. And this is where our energy work with the Violet Flame comes in so handy!

We are pleased to announce we have 2 upcoming workshops in the next 4 weeks. I am presenting the 5D workshops again and these are intuitively guided through my I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters, as are the Full Moon Workshops Daniela and myself are presenting together,

As guided, we have also introduced a tiered pricing structure to make it affordable for everyone.

The Workshops are listed below:

31/8 Being Magnificent YOU ~ Tapping into the Potential of the I AM

14/9 Full Moon Workshop with the Violet Flame

I recently came across this message:
“An eagle was once brought up along with chickens. So he never knew anything about flying. One day he saw a group of eagles flying high in the sky and wished he could be with them, amidst the cottony clouds. But each time the eagle aired his dreams, he was told that it was not possible. Finally the eagle succumbed to these negative inputs and continued living the life of a chicken. “We become what we think we are”. The onus is on us to decide whether to live the life of a chicken or an eagle. The potential is very much there in each of us to soar high. We just need to stretch our wings and fly!
We do not know what dreams may come true. But if we ever want to live the life of an eagle, we need to follow our dreams.”

Let us therefore dream Big!!!We have within us vast ‘storehouse’ of potential and with the help of the Ascended Masters and the Sacred Violet Flame, we can unleash this infinite potential and completely transform our reality.

We leave you with our love and blessings for a most magnificent and fulfilling week ahead.


~ Deborah Faith


Note: If you would like to share this message, you do so with our blessing, but please do not change anything. We ask also that you please include the following links:

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“Love means setting aside walls and fences, unlocking doors and saying YES!”