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have confidence2

What does it mean to be confident or to have confidence? It means to fully surrender into the knowing that all is well and being taken care of in your favor. You  have no need to fear or doubt anything. You are safe. And it is safe for you to be here. You are exactly where you are meant to be. It is no accident that you are here,  in this time and space and in this circumstance, whatever that circumstance may be. Be confident that is it through Divine Will that this is so. The stress and tension will ease up for you if you accept rather than reject or judge where you are, thinking you have erred somehow or somewhere along the way which has caused you to be in this time and space and in this reality you’ve created. Be confident that you are being held in the arms of the Divine and that all is well.

I love you! Trust Me, and know that you are a Child of God.

And so shall you always be.


~ Deborah Faith

Archangels and Devas