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archangel michael believe and trust

Belief and Trust form the cornerstones of Faith, for without either of those, Faith becomes impossible. Therefore I say to you, believe Dear Hearts and Trust in the magnificence of your most highest Light, that you are forever and ever held in the arms of your Divinity and whilst you bask in this Glory and Radiant Light, you are forever supported and sustained in all ways, you are healed and transformed from all that has been holding you back from soaring to freedom.

Know also that you are loved beyond your imagining, beyond all you have ever dreamed possible. Take a moment to sit and bask in the love that is there for you on the inner planes – within your Sacred Heart.

You have no need to fear whatsoever. You only need to believe and trust. And Faith shall be with you, and you shall want no more.

All is well. All is Love.

~ Channeled through Deborah Faith

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