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Dear Readers,

You’re either in a state of allowing or rejecting Life. Ascended Master & Teacher Jesus Christ calls these twin impulses, bonding and rejection. These impulses are the two basic impulses which form the basis of your individuality as a Soul, and the basis of your human consciousness. The Soul ‘wakes up’ when it eventually realizes the Truth of its Existence, that being that a joyful and blissful Life is always in a state of allowance. The Flower does not struggle to bloom, Nature is effortless, and so is Life. Life can only become effortless when we embrace a state of being that is in allowance of all that is. No matter what “all of that is” is. As soon as we reject anything, we create resistance and we go against the Flow of Creation – which is Life Itself. The Full Moon helps us to LET GO and LET LIFE (GOD) so we can once more get into the FLOW OF CREATION.

In this next Full Moon Workshop on the 14th September (next week on Saturday), Daniela will take us into a beautiful Lotus Flower visualization and meditation and with the assistance of Ascended Lady Master Kuan Yin. Daniela writes: Her full name is Kuan-Shai-Yin – which means “she who perceives the crying of the people” or “the one who regards, looks upon, or hears the sound of the world.” Kuan Yin brings blessings to the arriving souls. Women that wish to give birth to a child may call upon Kuan Yin, as she is the embodiment of the divine mother, she stands for unconditional love, for devotion and for security – which can only be experienced in the womb of a  mother. Kuan Yin balances every imbalance and gives healing on all levels of existence. When you call upon her, she will be with you instantly. Kuan Yin shows us through the flame of forgiveness how to free ourselves from all hardness of heart and teaches us to have compassion for all. She comes as the Mother to dispel all Maya (illusion).”

In the workshop we will also be teaching more about the Pillar of Light meditation/visualization in which we can connect even deeper to our Inner Presence – the I AM within, to create alchemical transformation within our lives. Beloveds, to know One Self is to Love One Self. This truly is our only purpose here! Love/Life is magical!

Please do join Daniela and myself next Saturday the 14th September as we embark on another journey of joyous discovery. With each Full Moon we go deeper and uncover more of the magic of our True Selves. The Full Moon energy is all about letting go and releasing the dross – the maya – the illusions (untruths) that we have held about ourselves. When we can see ourselves in Truth, Life becomes a wondrous experience filled with Joy, Love, Peace, Happiness and Fulfillment.

When you’re in a state of allowing Life – you’re bonding with Life. You’re no longer afraid, you’re no longer anxious or worried about anything because you intuitively KNOW Life has your back. We begin to create magic because we are intuitively guided all the way.

Jesus says “Man is born with the potential to make a beautiful life for himself, but instead he creates a prison of misery for himself from which there is no escape until he realizes the Truth of his Existence.” And the Truth is the Life Serves YOU only when you bond with it and accept everything, reject nothing. Archangel Michael has repeated counseled me to BLESS everything, reject nothing.

Esther Hicks has a mantra that goes like this: “Today no matter where I go, no matter what I do, no matter who I interact with, it is my dominant intent to look for that which makes me feel good.” (From her book “New Beginnings 2”)

To feel good is your choice! Choosing to feel good is an act of bonding with life rather than rejecting it. Another thing… you can only change something (re-create something) once you’ve wholeheartedly accepted it.

You can learn more about the true teachings of Jesus in His Letters here.

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We wish you the most magical of days!


~ Deborah Faith

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“Love means setting aside walls and fences, unlocking doors and saying YES!”

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