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Diana Princess of Wales Rose

Beloved Readers,

How are you doing with this intense energy?? It truly does feel as if we are under intense pressure now to BE our authentic selves. It no longer serves us to keep doing what we’ve been doing just to basically keep ourselves going. This energy is all about GROWING and EXPANSION. We are having to push ourselves BEYOND our boundaries and really take that leap of faith into the unknown, all the while knowing our Greater aspect of Self has our back (which means your best interests at Heart).

When you think of yourselves as PURE Consciousness and move your perspective of Self beyond the boundary of the physical body (which doesn’t even begin to contain Consciousness, simply because its too small!!) then you are on your way to knowing yourself as a Greater Being – a Light Being.

This is where we’re headed in this now – to BEcome our authentic Self. So what does this mean exactly? It means to be present, to be mindful of where we’re at – meaning at what level of vibration we’re emitting out into the Universe, and it means becoming conscious creators within the greater aspect of our Being. It means to surrender in total Trust (with a capital T) that all is well and you will be guided without a doubt, as to where to go from here. It means to plug into the higher aspects of your Self in order to receive that guidance, and to move without fear, with trepidation, into the unknown.

Can we do this? YES YES YES we can!!!

Beloveds, for so very long we’ve been moving along on our own steam, trying to make things work, struggling to stay ‘above board’ so we don’t fall into the churning sea that is in evidence all around us. We can only make this transition/shift now by becoming our authentic selves and truly just letting go and surrendering.

I believe this with all my heart. It is certainly the message I am receiving loud of clear! With all birth comes some discomfort, so if you are feeling a little out of your comfort zone, please do be assured that all is well. The best you can do for yourself right now is to stay HIGH – stay positive and keep your vibes HIGH. I’m sharing with you some early morning affirmations to help you to start your day on a high:

I fill my day with love and miracles
I fill my day with smiles and happiness
I fill my day with blessings
I fill my day with happy surprises
I fill my day with more and more love and miracles
I fill my day with the richest of blessings
I fill my day with grace and gratitude
I fill my day with wonderful new friends and happy relationships
I fill my day with wonderful new opportunities to express the true nature of my being
I fill my day with all that is enriching and enlivening
I fill my day with all that is phenomenal
I fill my day with exuberance


Next week the tarot card The Hermit comes up which is reminding us that this period of introspection is necessary now in order that we go within to seek our ALL – and our authenticity, to give us reassurance and receive nourishment, and to find inner peace and contentment in a world that seems to be chaotic right now. You will see in the card above a man holding a lantern – and this means that HE is lighting the way for you. Do not doubt that, not for one second. You are being guided, you are not alone, and its time to know this, without a shadow of doubt entering in your mind. The story of Job comes to mind. No matter how far your faith and trust is stretched, do not give up, nor give in to doubt and fearfulness (and trickery of the mind…. says Michael!)

I don’t do tarot readings, only readings with the Archangels, but if you are wanting some general guidance, link up with Estelle on YouTube. She is so in tune with the Angels and Archangels!

The significance of these triple 3 gateways is that “it is going to result in tremendous change – spiritual transformation in the highest degree – as never before”. This comes from Michael himself (the  Archangel and my blessed and most trusted inner Guide.

Next week on Saturday the 21st (the Solstice), at 4pm SAST (UTC +2), I am going to be offering a Zoom Online Workshop to assist you in raising your Consciousness, in which I will be offering the following:

  • A guided meditation with Mother Mary where we will receive the Gift of the Rose, and with the use of the Golden & Purple Violet Flames, clear and energize our chakras to help us receive clarity of purpose in this Now;
  • How to harness our Core Power and use our Light to empower ourselves and our loved ones. This technique will also help you in your manifesting abilities – manifesting faster with focused intention;
  • Two simple exercises on how to use your Sacred Breath (Prana) to become youthful, healthy and more energized in your physical expression through the guidance of  the Maha Chohan, Master Paul the Venetian, who is also currently holding the Office of the Holy Breath (Spirit).

If you are interested in joining me, please do send an email to debbie@archangelsanddevas.com. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the workshop, please do so on this link: https://www.paypal.me/deborahfaith

Your financial contribution makes it possible for me to continue doing what I love, which is helping people awaken and become self-empowered, so thank you thank you thank you!

I love you, WE love you and we are always here to support you in your journey of awakening.


~Deborah Faith