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Solstice Workshop Recording + eBook

Beloved Readers,

We’ve just completed our Solstice Workshop which was a great success and we would like to share the recordings with you. Bear in mind it is unedited so please forgive the minor glitches. We had great fun and really enjoyed the energy. You can download the recordings of the video and audio and also the eBook on this link which is available for the next 7 days:


This Solstice represents a great turning point in your evolution here on Earth. Although this may not be apparent as yet, you will see that it’s energy has been the causation of great transformation still to come.

We hope that the exercises we have shared with  you in the workshop will help to uplift and empower you so that your transformation will be one filled with ease and grace.

We wish you a wonderful Solstice today!Namasté

~Deborah Faith


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“Love means setting aside walls and fences, unlocking doors and saying YES!”