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In my mind Christmas is not about religion, it’s about love and sharing, it’s about joy and peace, its about BEing the Light! It’s not about the birth of a child, it’s about a consciousness a child came to birth here on this beautiful planet. Christ consciousness is about love, joy, sharing, it’s about peaceful union with all that is. It’s about knowing that what we are is essentially love, and that the Light that shines within is sparked through love, and through loving actions, kindnesses no matter how small, through giving, through whatever it is that brings joy and peace to our world. Bringing a smile to someone’s face, lighting up someone’s world, no matter even if it’s for a brief moment, this is the Essence of Love, and the purpose of the Light.

You could say we’re all part of the same whole, a thread in the Tapestry of Life held together by the glue that is Love. ..

So spread your Light out into the world this Christmas! Because you know what? There is no Light like yours. That is the magic of Life! That is the alchemy of Creation! Every part of Life is unique, just like every snowflake. It’s beautiful, precious and unique, just like you!

I wish to wish you Light and Love this Christmas, and the Joy and Peace that comes with it.

BE The Light!

And know that you are amazing, I love you!


Deborah Faith 💗