How can one experience true freedom from all suffering?
How does one feel boundless joy? By being heart centered, by heart centered living. It is certainly not the mind that feels joy, but the heart. How does one feel grateful for all things, even those that are cause for suffering? By seeing suffering as a blessing, rather than affliction, something to be rejected by the mind, but rejoiced in and joyfully embraced by the heart. Why? Because suffering brings with it a most precious gift. The gift of faith and trust, the gift of strengthening your connection, your heart felt union with your Creator, your Inner Being, your God Self. Is it not true that if you always have everything material you desire, and nothing untoward ever happens in your life, that you would remain stagnant and unliberated? That you would feel unfulfilled at the very seat of your soul? When you can fully understand this, then you will embrace suffering, yearn for it even, until it teaches you it’s lesson in liberation. Pain is a cry from the Heart made manifest in body and emotion, and it’s message is LOVE ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

I was out walking the forest earlier in the week and I said to myself, “I wish I had a family of my own, a comfortable home, a loving and attentive husband, grandchildren I could lavish my love on, and a kitchen where I could cook delicious food for my family. We would enjoy great get – togethers”, I told myself, “I may even have a dog!” The answer came from within my Heart a moment later…”I can give you all that.” “Really?” I asked. “Yes, I can fulfil all your desires, satisfy all your yearning.” The Voice in my Heart I knew was true. I knew that one could have all those things and still feel unfulfilled, lonely and unloved. Unless I focused on the love within me, the overflowing well of perfect love, the unconditional and perfected love of the Essence within me, I would have nothing that was truly worth anything. I know this because I have experienced it. It is true that when one surrenders to the Heart of the One fully and completely, then all outside desire, all yearning is quenched, and one feels complete fulfilment, complete love, and then one knows, there is nothing one needs other than this perfect love.

Love is truly all you need! And so it is that when the cry of the Heart is heard, “Love me please!!!!”, that you learn to respond with gratitude for the suffering that will bring you closer, nearer, and into Heart’s embrace. Can you see then how the experience of lack is a blessing? Can you see how feeling broken can also be a blessing? In those things that you do not want, you can find freedom. Eternal freedom from all suffering. Now and forever. It is in your cry of surrender, in the relenquishing of the ego mind control over your physical life experience, that you find what you are seeking. Not because the Heart requires it, or because Life demands it, but simply because you’ve had enough. Enough suffering, enough pain, enough of the emotional turmoil, that you become fully aware that the ego self, and control of the human mind, although it has meant well, and served you well in this physical life experience, is not your ticket to eternal freedom. Simply because it does not understand True Love. Only the One Heart knows and understands this.

How do you find your ticket? You find it in loving your self unconditionally, and in feeling gratitude for all that is. Gratitude for everything, the whole enchilada, the good, the bad and the ugly. The ups and the downs. The all of it. Everything this life experience has brought you. Reject nothing, not even that which you see around you, embrace everything. Bless it. Every little bit of it. For it has purpose, always.

~ Deborah Faith 💗