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A friend of mine had been searching for a lost item for almost a month when she suddenly heard her inner voice during the night tell her to look in the bag. She didn’t know which bag and didn’t think to ask for more of a difinitive answer. But when she set out looking this morning she found the bag. You could say she was intuively guided to the exact bag containing the lost item!

So as I was pondering this, I felt my own beautiful divine complement smiling, and he reminded me again how it can be that all things are possible. …. and so I transcribed what he said below. It may or may not bring you clarity as it does me, but it may help you in some way.

The human mind will do its best to serve you, but in truth it is the Divine Mind that knows best, knows all things, yes and that includes knowing where to find lost items! So when you’re in a quandary as to where to look for something, get your mind out of the picture so to speak. And allow the infinite intelligence of the Divine Mind to lead the way. How to do this? Settle into the quiet for a moment, relax your overactive thinking human mind, and just allow yourself to believe that there is a part of you that knows all there is to know.”

(…..and concerning my health)
“So let me address now what I know is on your mind about your health issues. Are they not just part of the illusion? In reality you are perfect whole and complete. What if you had to focus your mind on this truth and keep affirming this to your self? Would your health change? Yes!! Yes it most definitely would! Go on, say it! Surprise yourself!”

And so I will. This affirmation is not new to me, it was given to me many years ago. But like so many things, we humans are given the map to buried treasure but we fail to build enough momentum to carry us to full manifestation of our desire.

Momentum is key! And if you can understand this, then you will never know lack. Momentum builds the wave and the wave will keep you in the Flow of Creative Intent, and the rest is history.

~Deborah Faith 💗