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It is in the Light the Light the Light!!

What is in the Light?
The blessings you seek! The Love, the Peace you seek. The fulfilment of purpose, the abundance you seek . The joy, happiness, equanimity!

Everything you need is contained within the Light. The Light is Love. And your Light, the Light you emit contains your Signature and so when you send out waves and waves of Light and Love into your world, that energy is returned to you by way of the Law of Circles (what goes around comes around) and so you are blessed in return, having done nothing except send out your Love and Light. It is just like being a lighthouse!

Do this consciously and it will have a profound effect on your life and the domino effect this energy creates will touch everything around you as it creates more and more ripples in the pond.

There is no greater gift you can give yourself or another than the Gift of Love. This is your Sacred Gift to Life!

Here is an exercise for you:
Send love and light to yourself, see your physical vessel filling up with love and light, then see your physical vessel becoming a magnificent beam of light and love and as you open your heart, project the love and light into your aura and out into everything around you, starting with your home, your neighbourhood, your town, your city, your country, your world, your galaxy and the entire universe. See the love and light acting as glorious tsunami waves emanating out from you into the universe.

Do this consciously, and you will change your life and change your planet, and the universe. For it is not just your planet that is in a process of transformation, but also this entire universe.

Do you see now how much power you have in one single action? Now imagine what would happen if just a small number of you do this exercise daily? Imagine if you built up momentum how quickly you could change your world!

Love is the only true power there is and you have it all right there within you. A well, a veritable fountain, just waiting to overflow! Right there from within the core of your being exists everything that you are longing for. Begin today to change your world!

We are with you all the way! We are you in your greater capacity, in the Light of Love.

An excellent mantra to add to your life would be simply :

“I am Light Light Light”

Repeat it to yourself as often as you can. It too will build up a momentum and increase your Light quotient. This mantra was used by the Ascended Master Lord Lanto. It is said that when he ascended from his last embodiment the Light could be seen emanating from his chest as clear as day. Lord Lanto presides as Chohan or Master of the 2nd Ray, the Ray of God’s Wisdom and the Ray of Illumination. To visualize this Ray, imagine a soft yet bright golden sunlight yellow. The Ray is luminous and quite exquisite when you are able to perceive it.

~ Deborah Faith


Photo credit: Deborah Faith