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This morning I planned on writing a huge blog on the “Real Corona”, and maybe I still will share that with you during the course of this coming week. But for now, please take heart from the words I’ve shared on this morning’s Instagram post.

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I also channel answers to any questions you may have regarding your personal ascension and spiritual growth. These answers come forth from my Ray Master, whom I know also Archangel Michael. You can find the link here to connect with me for this service which I lovingly and very gratefully provide:

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A short message from Archangel Michael:

These are trying times and they serve to remind you of what is real, and what is not real, that being illusion These times also present you with the perfect opportunity to practice staying in the present moment, that being the NOW moment, also the Heart of the matter at hand, in other words, LOVE. It is not possible to be entertaining the fears of the ego drive and also be in the NOW. I also wish to remind you that your fears are unfounded. Although in your outer world you may encounter many fears, and much hype surrounding them which serves only to provide people who are tuning into the fear matrix to become further engrossed and bound by those restrictive cords You have the free will to choose where you wish to place your attention and focus. Therefore choose wisely! Know that you are safe, if you believe it, so shall it be. Let me ask you this… how can illusion hold any real power over you? Know that where you are placing your focus at this time is of paramount importance. This is indeed the lesson at hand! As we approach the Equinox, it is important to be in harmony and balance to receive the full benefit of Grace this gateway of equilibrium provides. I hold you in my embrace as always. I am yours, as you are mine and I love you more than words can convey.

Namasté beautiful Ones!

~ Deborah Faith 💗