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I found a You Tube message this morning that brought on the message below. The lady who channeled the message got emotional, and so I left this comment below. The next thing I knew, Michael was urging me to write more…. The first part is my comment and his message follows in italics.

Bless you, I get emotional too. It’s their love and compassion, it always brings on the tears. The words equanimity and balance are key. And I think that this whole scare happened now with the Equinox etc, is also pertinent. They also say get into the light light light!!!! It is all in the Light! I wrote about this on my blog http://www.archangelsanddevas.wordpress.com a couple weeks ago. Michael has also said repeatedly, bless everything, judge nothing! He also says to remain in equilibrium, it is imperative to not engage in what is transpiring, rather to observe as if you are on the outside or sidelines of the stage looking in. “You may walk in the illusion and be among those who are living in it, without yourself being drawn into it. Your job is to anchor Light, stay focused in your Sacred Heart, and to send your Light out to humanity and to all, at the same time healing yourself. The Light heals you!! Your job is not to fix the world, it is not broken, heal thyself first and foremost !! And your love shall touch others. 💗💫🌹😇 It is true, this time offers you the perfect opportunity to exit this game of illusion, it is the “get out of jail card”! Decide for yourselves… are you willing to continue living in chains, or are you done with the fear? Your call dear One’s! I love you and am ever near! Your brother Michael.” 🌹💫😇💗

There’s more…..

The chains of fear are binding you in illusion, only Love will free you! And I speak as always of Unconditional Love ~ the kind that is unrelenting, unending and free flowing without fear and judgement. The choice of Unconditional Love is always available to you, and as I’ve said before, do not underestimate it’s Power. It comes down to choice Dear One’s. Choose choose choose the reality you wish to manifest for yourselves. The rest is history. You will never have to live in suffering ever again!

We truly are with you!, and we support you with all our might!”

~I AM Michael

Okay, this is me, Deborah Faith again…. The first time I ever spoke with Michael consciously (towards the end of 2012) he said 3 things to me. One was in the form of a question, he asked me, “Are you done with suffering?” And the second thing he said was, “I want you to know, anything is possible.” The other thing he said was, “I’m quite big on please and thank you’s! ” Letting me know that gratitude has to become a way of life for me if I was to change my world.

Living with Michael over the past decade has been a delight for my soul, for my ego…not so much, at least not in the beginning. I used to fight with him a lot, refusing sometimes to surrender. But Michael never gives up. Once, at the beginning of our journey together, I felt Archangel Zadkiel around me. He had come to give me a message, “Michael is relentless, but he is also fair.” I understand now that his relentlessness is because he so longs for humanity and for each and every one of us to be freed from the illusion !

His Sword of Truth stands for what he believes in, and that is the Power of God. And this Power is something you can spend years contemplating. What does this Power mean to you?

One more thing I just want to mention before I close this message. The other day he said to me, “‘I’ve got your back.” I said, “thanks, that’s good to know, but exactly how much of my back have you got, because I’m not sure I won’t mess things up still,” and he answered, “All of it!”

The important thing to remember is that we are still human, and in that there is purpose, else we wouldn’t be here. “To err is human” but to endeavor and perservere on the road of enlightenment, is divine. When one makes that choice, then all of Creation comes to your aid.

“Even if you let go of your oars, know that I AM there for you, steering your ship”.

If you have let yourself believe the illusion, it’s okay. Know that you can choose to step out of it at any time. For many, that time is now. Are you ready?

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~Deborah Faith 💗

Ps.. you are welcome to share this message. Namasté 💗


The message on you tube can be found here https://youtu.be/2sgD7fKtui4


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