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Violet Flame Invocation

Beloved Readers,

Below is a invocation which was channeled through from my Higher Self for the benefit and greater good of all mankind. Please do use it now especially at this time when it is so very needed. Thank you!

Violet Flame Invocation

We call upon Beloved Saint Germain and the Violet Fire to be present in the here and now.

We call upon the full gathered momentum of the Ascended Masters to be present with us in this NOW reality to transmute all negavity created by mankind into pure UNCONDITIONAL DIVINE LOVE AND LIGHT.

We ask that this be done NOW in accordance with the I AM Presence and indwelling Christ within each man woman and child upon this Sacred Earth.

We call upon the Universal Laws of Forgiveness Mercy and Divine Grace, and with the great love of our God Parents Helios and Vesta, and through the Power of the Mighty 3 Fold Flame, we ask that the all consuming Violet Flame penetrate each and every mind and heart of every embodied and disembodied soul in this NOW reality, transmuting all discord and shadow ever created throughout time, now and forevermore, never to be repeated.

And so it is. Beloved I AM.


Deborah Faith 💗