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Note to self! Reminder!! NB!!!!!

This life is a game. Everything is under my control. It is only when I forget that it’s a game..ie go into fear, that I cause the roadblocks to be deployed along my pathway. When I stay out of fear and remember the game is under my control, then I allow the game to flow, synchronised and effortlessly, opening up hidden passageways that reveal secret doors to infinite wisdom and creativity. I am safe, I am whole and complete. I am loved and supported. I am free!”

A couple days ago I channeled a card reading from Archangel Gabriel. It was about stepping into the leadership role in your life. Archangel Gabriel likened this reality to a chess game, and posed the question “Are you willing to continue playing the role of the pawn or do you wish to rather take on the role of Queen? Which would you prefer?

Would you prefer to continue playing the role of the untethered buoy, buffered and battered by rough seas, or the role of Captain steering a powerful and sleek yacht in calm waters?

I know it must sound like folly to speak such words, but in truth Dear One’s, it is you who are in control always. All it takes is a shift in perspective, to see yourself at the helm of the ship instead of at the mercy of deep and turbulent waters.

You see? When you’re not living in the illusion, you’re creating with the Whole of You. When you’re living in the illusion, you’re creating with fear and the limitations of the small human self aka ego self.

What do we mean by illusion? What falls under its umbrella?

Illness, vulnerability, scarcity, lack, need and separation from Source to name a few. These illusions all fall under the umbrella of fear.

Be willing to step out of the illusion and focus instead on what you’re feeling inside your body, rather than allowing thoughts to run rampant. Feelings are divine guidance and they help you to recognise your state of being. It takes a little practice at first, but soon the mind complies. Each time you find yourself being drawn into illusion, tell that part of you you’re no longer willing the play the lesser role, but instead choose to play the leadership role in your reality.

Remember who you are. You’re a divine being, of sovereign nature, who is choosing to play the life game in physical reality.

I love you! Stay beautiful, stay loved, stay whole and complete.

~ Deborah Faith 💗