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Dear Reader,

This is an important message I wish to share with you. The time is Now to make those life changes necessary for this alignment to take place.

The Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie:

To catch the wave of Planetary Ascension you need to blend your consciousness into the immense Flow of Planetary ascension. Those who maintain the 3-D hooks of family, culture and nation (which include the religious and scientific 3-D thinking) will remain in the illusion of third dimensional Earth for as long as that hologram is running. They still have time to expand their consciousness if they choose. Also, once the final remnants of darkness are expelled from the body of Gaia, the cycles of fear that hold the third dimensional attachments in place will be completed. This fear is closer to being vanquished than you may think, because of you the ascending ones, who have become Masters of your Emotions and expelled fear from your consciousness. Fear is not alive like love. Love, especially unconditional love, is a living creative force seeking a being through which it can be expressed. Fear, on the other hand, is the “Grim Reaper,” who cuts back the old and dying so that the new can be created and nurtured by love.
~ The Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie

Namasté my beautiful Ones! I love you!

~ Deborah Faith 💗