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How do you feel about this current wave of events happening globally? Are you scared out of your wits or feeling strangely calm, as if you’ve been given a short reprieve from the mundaneness of your life as it was before the corona virus global pandemic? How happy were you with your life before? Do you wish everything could just go back to being normal, whatever ‘normal’ meant for you?

So many questions, I know. But the unique gift this global pandemic has given those of us who have been forced into seclusion over the past couple weeks, is time. Time to think, time to review ourselves, our lives and decide if we really enjoyed what we were doing before. Time to think about what we’d become and where we’d like to go, be, do or have.

If I told you, we as a collective, created this global pandemic, you’d most likely think I’m a sandwich short of a picnic. But what if it were true. What if the corona virus pandemic has given us a unique opportunity to reflect on what we do want to create in our lives. Were we truly happy before?

I know I wasn’t. When my inner voice asked me this question I could immediately answer and say no, I wasn’t. I was tired of my mundane life, of doing stuff I didn’t enjoy doing, just because it paid my rent. And tired also of not getting to do enough of what I love doing. And why is that? Because fear stopped me, caused roadblocks in the way of me manifesting what I truly want in life. So why didn’t I just clear the roadblocks before? Why did I need the lock-down to force me (‘prompt’ may be a kinder word here) into self awareness and giving (gifting) myself the time to do the inner work on truly getting to know myself at a deeper level?

Because I’m human, just like you. And it’s so much easier to just plod along doing what we’ve been doing our whole life even though we know it doesn’t work 100% of the time. Sometimes not at all. And because it’s been ‘safe’ doing it. It’s a case of being in a false comfort zone, not willing to push boundaries because we’re not quite sure what awaits us on the other side of those boundaries.

Pushing boundaries takes courage. Going within takes courage, an immense amount of courage for some. Discovering who we are, and what would make our hearts sing with joy each day, and what stands in the way of self love and accepting ourselves, faults and all, is the gift this global pandemic has for us.

We created this pandemic at some level. Why?? Because we were crying out to our souls for change, for inner change. But what about those who have lost their lives due to this virus? Perhaps this is a good time also to reflect on what dying means to us.

Dying is not an ending, rather a closing of one chapter and the start of a new. It’s a new beginning. And some souls have made that choice, and many more will. We all will, in fact, at some point. Death is not something to shy away from. It’s not something you can escape from either. It is a choice like anything in life. A choice we must respect.

For me, having to accept my 22 year old brothers passing in 1990, was the start of my awakening. I had questions that needed answers, and I found those answers. Sometimes I think if Eddie hadn’t died, I would never have asked those questions in the first place. But he did, and his passing was therefore his gift to me in a way.

We can look at a bag of lemons and wish they were sweet juicy oranges, or we can make a deliciously refreshing lemonade. This global pandemic is affecting each and every one of us in some way. But the fact is, when this is over, we cannot go back to the way we were. There will be a new ‘normal’ for each of us, and right now we’re deciding what that ‘normal’ will be.

You’re being held? Can you feel it? You have to have the courage to go deep into your heart to feel it, but I can assure you it’s true. You’re being held in the strong arms of your Divinity! And no matter what happens, you’re going to be okay.

I love you! And I wish you so much love, joy and peace, that both my heart and yours could never contain it all. Because when you take the courage to tap into that inner well of your divinity, you will find a never ending resource of love, joy and inner peace!


~ Deborah Faith 💗