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Lets create a global network of love! When you open your heart to express what you love about a person you are expressing the Essence of who you are ~ and when you do this, you automatically receive love back through the Universal Law of Exchange.

The amazing thing about this exercise is that you will immediately feel better – more happy, more relaxed, more in balance and more at peace. So I challenge you to try it!

I will tell you below what I love about you, and then you can do the same with someone you know. There is always something you can love about everyone. Archangel Faith says deep in the heart of every person there exists a heart of the purest gold. You dont have to see it to know it is there!

Keep it flowing, don’t stop at just one person you love, send it to as many people you can think of!! Let’s create a global tsunami wave of Love!

What I love about you….I love that if you’re reading this blog it’s because you have a willingness to experience the miracle of unconditional love. This takes great courage and I love that about you!.

Love ❤💙💛💞💕💜💚 from me ~ Deborah Faith 💗 http://www.archangelsanddevas.com