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I believe there is one God and that It exists within the many parts of Itself.

I believe that I AM one of those many parts, and that I AM loved and cherished because without me, It could not know Itself as Perfectly Whole and Complete.

So my precious heart, if you’re having doubts about your self worth, and the part that you are playing out in this unreal realm of time and space, ponder on this, and if it begins to feel like something that is real for you, then let this knowledge become a part of your conscious awareness.

Let the awareness of this knowing grow within you, and let It sustain you, and help you remember the innate Truth within that you have forgotten, not purposefully, but because you had the overwhelming courage and conviction to know without a doubt, that against all odds in this 3d reality, you would find a way to rediscover the Truth of who you truly are, and the magnificent Source of your being.

And so, even when it seemed like there was no hope left and no one left to turn to for comfort, you never gave up.

And then somehow from somewhere you began to notice that there was inside of you a strength emerging and a source of love you’d never before experienced.

And when you began to make conscious and awakened contact with It and allowed yourself to surrender fully into It, It began to infiltrate into your every awakened experience here on this beautiful planet.

And so now, my beautiful one, as your life experience begins to alter it’s course, you’re becoming aware that you are always at the helm of the future you are creating in every moment.

You’re becoming aware that you are the miracle, and that you are and forever will be lovingly gazed upon by the Eye of One Love, and that you’re a treasured Jewel in the Crown of your Creator.

With Infinite Love, I AM
~ Deborah Faith 💗