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Beloved readers,

I want to share with you today Emmanuel’s energy forecast for July because I feel it is so on the mark for what is currently happening right now. In many ways we are shattering the illusion of the self and seeing for the first time the true Self. We are integrating our True Essence and coming to know ourselves at a deeper level. This is such an exciting time to be alive! !!

Emmanuel’s message follows below with a link to read the whole message:

My beautiful friend,   The month of June was filled with some of the most powerful celestial alignments of the year, which left many feeling physically and emotionally exhausted.   July will serve as a time of integration, helping to create the space for all of us to breathe, re-calibrate, and come back to our center.   This time of integration will help us re-energize as we prepare for all the changes yet to come.   This month of integration will also help create a space of support for many newly awakened hearts and minds. People are waking up at an accelerated speed right now, and are looking to connect with and learn from those who have been on a spiritual path for a while.   You can read all about it in the July 2020 Energy Forecast titled Integration which is now ready for you at:   


~ Deborah Faith 💗