Great Big Love



Key concepts: love without conditions, romantic love and how that experience changes you, deep and profound harmonious connections, soul mates

Love heals all wounds, begins all life. It sustains you when you are starving for grace, when you stumble and fall, and when you lose sight of your purpose and fall prey to the limited perspective of the ego. Now is the time to fall in love and call in the awareness of the Great Big Love that made you, which is ever pulsing through your veins!

There’s a heightened sense of awareness in the beginning stages of a relationship, when nothing else matters but who is in front of you. You see them, you see yourself in them, and you move in sync with the cadence of
your hearts. You surrender to the magic you share, and engage in a harmonious dance that is seamless in its movements, rising and falling with each moment, each breath.

Although this card may portend such an intimate connection, you don’t have to wait for a partner to experience it. You’re being invited now to explore love in all its beauty. Can you love without conditions, without needing things to be perfect? Do you love your life, what you do, and how you contribute to the world?

Today, invite Love with a capital L into your inquiry. You will be amazed, and your very question may be changed, as a result. Love is the strength you need today, the lens you must look through to find the truth and your way. Love is the way, the only way and the only answer.

A Sacred Reverence



Key concepts: awe for the truth that Spirit is everywhere, inspiration coming through you as a result of reverence, joyful living, exploring possibilities with curiosity, spiritual passion, manifesting from the starting point of the realm of Spirit

Looking at the world, do you see all of life or only a limited part? When you look at a blade of grass, do you see just a plant? When you encounter a puppy, do you see just an animal? While this categorizing is one way of viewing the world, it is only a fraction of the truth. It isn’t enough. Look closer, and you’ll observe the luminosity immanent in these living, sentient beings. If you can allow yourself to take in all the world, including its spirit, then you see the whole.

Reverence is an act of deep witnessing, respect, and awe. You experience it when you perceive every being and everything—every plant, rock, and tree—as sacred and alive. You naturally lean into a state of bliss and harmony, and a profound sense of well-being.

Whatever your dilemma or question, try to reframe your perspective to acknowledge the spiritual. If everything has value, including your most frustrating challenges, would you still ask your question from the same place? Can you regard the “other” as sacred, thereby erasing the separation between you? Embracing the perfection of how you came together is real magic, and you are tapping into this unity right now. No matter who or what is in front of you, see that person or thing as luminous and your interaction as holy. Then you will know what to do for the highest good of all.

The Storyteller



Key concepts: identity, positive self-definition, teaching others how to treat you through the stories you tell about who you are

Do you know the story you tell others about who you are? You are a unique being with unique talents, and a story unique to you and your experience—in fact, your destiny—can be found in the way you weave together these threads of yourself in the world. If there’s anything in your life you want to change, then it’s time to adjust the story you tell about yourself. Perhaps you are too self-deprecating or apologetic about how you shine, minimizing your power so others will accept you. Perhaps the way you voice your expectations
diminishes your ability to succeed, or you are too willing to tolerate a less-than-supportive environment.

It’s easy to be in denial when it comes to others and their behavior toward you. Understand, however, that you teach people how to treat you through how you talk about yourself. Once you recognize what story you’re telling others about how to treat you, you can tell a different one.

What if you could connect to your true power as a co-creator of your reality? The story originates in your mind: how you think, your conditioning and past experiences, how you view the world, and what you expect to see in it. The truth is, you have everything you need to tell a new tale and weave more blessings into the world as your unique contribution. In fact, practice speaking of your amazing success, your overflowing abundance, and all the love that surrounds you. Soon, the outer world will tell the same story back to you!

Reading from “The Oracle of the 7 Energies” available from Colette Baron-Reid

On a more personal note……

Dear Readers,

This oracle really spoke to me today. We stand at the cusp / the threshold of change, magnificent change as it would be, as we look upon our world through different eyes, through our loving hearts, seeing a new world in the making. How wonderful it would be to write a different script don’t you think? How wondrous it would be if we could all come together to serve a common purpose? That of co-creating a new world that truly reflects the magnificence of our Being.

If we thought 2020 wrought about change, then 2021 is sure to be The Game Changer deluxe! We truly are beginning to realize that we already do posses that “Get out of Jail card” my guides have been urging me to play. All it takes is a subtle change in perspective. Love is the “Game Changer” for sure. Do not estimate its enormous capacity! It has been said that the Sacred Flame of Divine Love burns one eighth of an inch in height in the heart of the average human in 3rd dimension. Once humanity has moved into its 5th dimensional status and experienced True Love, that Sacred Flame will burn 9 feet tall!

It truly does not matter, none of ‘this stuff’ – whatever it is that is going on or that you are hanging onto, that which is causing you pain and suffering – none of it truly matters. What matters is that you realize that love is all there is! Do not try to re-write the past – it is done and over with. Do not hold resentments and ill feelings against anyone, least of all yourself. Love and accept, forgive and forget. Love is the answer, and heals all. Love is the Redeemer!

I Love You All,

Deborah Faith