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Dolphin Teresa speaks…

My friend Max, yes, it is me, Teresa, your bottlenose Dolphin friend. I am saddened by my imprisonment in this tiny bay, and wish to be out beyond the wires where I can swim and fly free, and not be constrained by the small parameters of confinement. I am restless for my Ocean home, my kin, and the freedom to roam the Seas, dive in the coral beds, float on cushions of waves, feel the breeze caressing my skin, chase the fish as I leap up high — all my dreams will never die.
I weary of never ending encounters entertaining humans at the expense of my privacy — and yes, we Dolphins like our privacy too, we like to just “be” and not “be on call” all day doing tricks on command and entertaining humans. We like to just relax too, and swim at our own leisure without always being in the spotlight of entertainment at our expense. Actually, it is at your expense, since we don’t get paid for entertaining you, we just get tired of it.

You are a remarkable soul, and we thank you for giving our species a voice that can be heard through Dianne’s book. I am Teresa.
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Vaquita Porpoises

We are the Vaquita Porpoises still alive in the Northern area of Mexico’s Gulf of California, swimming freely in the shallow waters, wary of fishing nets and other kinds of debris that litter the shorelines. Our lives are at stake and our specie near complete extinction, with less than 400 of us left on the planet*. This is a tragic occurrence, as the Earth needs all of us to be here in order to keep her ecosystem in balance.

When the Earth loses a species, it loses another segment of its internal mechanism necessary for keeping life in balance and harmony. Losing one specie causes hardships for another, which in turn causes more hardships down the line — for species depend on one another to carry out certain tasks and to lend their frequencies to the harmonics of the planet and to the support of the biosphere.

Whenever a species is lost, its frequency is withdrawn from the Grid of the planet. The Grid supports the biosphere, and this loss causes the biosphere to weaken — and if enough species are lost, the biosphere will eventually collapse in upon itself, destroying the remaining life forms and the planet itself.

So all of us are needed to keep a planet perfectly functioning, because we are all interconnected and finely honed as intricate parts in a wheel. If one section of a wheel is lost, the wheel will wobble, and eventually collapse. Each and every specie is like a spoke or cog in the wheel of life.

We try to stay out of harm’s way, but are finding ourselves sinking in despair and losing the will to remain here. We thank you for reaching out to us.

You are about to witness a shift in consciousness as the Earth stabilizes its grid system and moves into alignment with the Central Sun — pushing humans online and plugging them into the Creator’s mainframe. We thank you for calling to us today.

*This message was channeled in 2008 when there were less than 400 Vaquita Porpoises alive. Today, less than 20 vaquitas remain in the wild. The species is currently on the brink of extinction, and currently listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN Red List.
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