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“I have lived with many Zen Masters, every of them a cat.” ~ from the movie Miltons Secret.

Nothing you see is real. Everything is temporary. It can all fold up in an instant. Time is illusion which serves this playing ground. It is not real. In reality everything is manifested in an instant. You are an ingenious creator of your world. You only think this reality is real because it feels solid and real to you. In the movie Toy Story, what is more real to you? The toys or the humans? Neither! Both are projections of a supreme creative intelligence, a supreme consciousness!

So why the suffering you ask?

Because humanity has forgotten this. They are caught up in the illusion through their fear of needing to survive, and their fear of dying, so much so that they now perceive themselves powerless to change their reality. The rewards of fear are suffering. And because you have free will to choose, there’s pretty much nothing I can do about it unless you begin using your mind for positive creation instead of suffering in the illusion.

How can you begin to change this?

Begin to envision Eden! This is where it all started right? Before the apple episode of course…. the story prior to the apple episode lasted for millenia! And there was heaven on earth, and there shall be again.

But have no fear, you and your fellow humans are part of the collective consciousness and ultimately the will of the creative intelligence behind all of this will prevail, and so in that instant when enough of you have had enough, it will simply fold. Game over!

In the meantime, be happy, be joyful! Smile and know that this playground is designed for you to express the divinity within you through your senses, through feeling, through touch, through smell. Isn’t that magnificent? Therefore watch the felidae, learn from the birds and the cetaceans of the oceans! Sing and dance! Be in peace, take time to be still, to remember who you are.
Namasté my beautiful one!!
I love you and keep you in my embrace as always!

~ Channeling by DeborahFaith 2021