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An artists (unknown) impression of the Divine Mother, Mary Anna.

Greetings, my beloved friend, I AM Anna. Once again I am with you. As you have asked of me, so I freely give. You may have already read of my life that leads to this sharing. And it is alright if you are not familiar with me or my long life’s journey. The story I am about to tell can stand on its own, if you wish. However, in order to acquaint yourself with my manner of speaking and to have a context for the characters’ lives that continue in this telling, I encourage you to partake of the substance of the published book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. Within this book I weave a tapestry of energy and details about my experiences as a physical immortal from the time of my birth in Judea in 612 BC to my arrival in southern France three years after my grandson, Yeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection. This sequel shall take you to my last years in Britain. I am mindful that you have been stretched by the many revelations I have shared with you about my self-mastery initiations. For it was through these experiences that I was prepared to be the mother of Mary Anna (Mother Mary) and the grandmother of Yeshua (Jesus). I have also shared detailed accounts of my family and our community of Essenes who supported and enacted the Christ drama in what is termed the Holy Land. As I share my remaining story you will realize that what began, long ago, continues uninterrupted, although it has assumed other labels and taken other venues. A few among us who walked in Palestine, Britain and France demonstrated how to transmute the cycles of human suffering and thus escape humanity’s self-imposed prison. I come forth now so that you may hear the suppressed voices of the Magdalenes – the women and men who walked with Yeshua, who know of the way of resurrection and eternal life. For this purpose I now reveal what has long been hidden. My words are multi-faceted in their design. They are sourced from cosmic realms. Interdimensional energies are couched within and between the phrases I communicate to your mind. I am an emissary of the Mother Divine and I am closer than you may think. For purposes as yet unknown by the majority of humankind I have come because you have called me forth to walk at your side. In the course of hearing these words and the love frequencies within them, you are invited to take the steps that may bring you closer to your Mother/Father Creator – your Beloved on High – who patiently awaits you, within this moment, beyond the illusion of time and mental concepts. Know this, my friend, what I share with you is to be discerned through your own spirit’s knowing, supported by your rational mind. Question what is given, weigh it within your mind and heart. Nurture only those seeds that increase joy and peace in the living of your life. My intent is to expand consciousness through wisdom born of clarity and love. Though filtered through my scribe, you may use the frequencies and the multi-levelled messages pervading my words as a key to open your own Book of Life. If you choose to enter the Hall of Records – the Akasha of Mother Earth, you may meet me as one of your guides. While this is the more direct path into wisdom’s sure knowing, let it be known that I honour and respect those who are led to the inarguable physical remnants we sealed up to be found in the ripeness of time. Please attend to your own soul’s awakening to greater loving kindness by whatever methods work for you within your relationships and daily life. Doing so is far more important than getting lost in the rambling details of my story or labouring with doubt over the controversial secrets we cautiously reveal. What is shared is a heresy that goes against the grain of unquestioned tradition and the ‘truths’ held within conditioned mind. Find the liberating essence of love and wisdom woven through my words. To prove or disprove – to argue and contend is a waste of precious time. Contention is not my way awakening to our Infinite Nature is. There is more to be accomplished than to fabricate another history or Grail romance, whether based in truth or fiction, which distracts you from the true enlightenment of your mind.

May the shroud of silence be lifted!

The voice of the Magdalenes rises from the dust.

Listen, beloveds.

Listen! Be!

Hear the Voice in the Silence!

Excerpt from the Book “Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes” by Claire Heartsong.

Dear Reader, I chose today – the 25th December 2021 – to share this excerpt with you as a contribution towards your awakening. I do this with Anna ‘s blessing and assurance that whatever path you have chosen will lead you ultimately to the path and way of the Christ within, and that this blessed energy, or state of consciousness is not in any way aligned to or with any religious doctrine or dogma whatsoever. I therefore invite you to share in this delightful energy in the hope that it will heal the hurts of the past and awaken within you the divine innate feminine nature of your own inner being. And so BE it.

With boundless love and greetings that come from way beyond the Veil,

~ I AM Deborah Faith 💗