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In times of trial Saint Germain taught that mankind must learn to recognize the constancy of the sun of their Being that shines behind every cloud. You’ve heard it said that every cloud has a silver lining but these words are poor consolation in times of trial and tribulation. Men must learn also to not necessarily make decisions during times of trial but to wait until the clouds have rolled away and the cycle has passed.

The words “This too shall pass!” are a Fiat of authority that Saint Germain taught as a mantra. When correctly understood and applied to life it acts as an eraser to wipe the slate of life clean and remove unwanted pictures from the consciousness.

“This too shall pass” stated 3 times and followed by “The Light of God never fails” stated 3 times, creates a mantra of Christ consciousness to clear the consciousness of unwanted conditions and bring forth a positive victory over negative elements.

~ Extracted from the dictation of Daniel Rayborn given to Elizabeth Clare Prophet in her book “The Masters and Their Retreats“.

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