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I just wanted to share with you my experience with these magnificent Angels. Over the past decade there were many times where I found myself down the rabbit hole so to speak, and adrift in the ‘underworld’ or the world of ‘darkness’. This is natural, as the ups and downs are a part of life in the realm of duality. It’s part of the ebb and flow of life, what goes up must come down paradigm. But sometimes, due to imbalance, we can go down deeper than before and we may lose perspective entirely. And so we can end up down in these doldrums or pitfalls for longer periods of time – and even may get lost down there. All kinds of stuff may come into our minds, mostly negative of course. When down the rabbit hole we’re not in alignment, and therefore not in a positive creative space. So whilst in this low frequency there is destruction rather than construction. None of this is good or bad, it’s just duality. So don’t judge it. It’s the way we experience ourselves as love and light. How would we know one without the other? It’s impossible. Experience is the reason we’re here is it not? 😊

Thank goodness for the Angels!

We can call on them for help at any time, and not just for ourselves but for others and also for situations that have gotten out of hand, where destruction is taking or has taken place.

The Seraphim have never let me down and over the past decade I have called on them a lot. They have reinstated a sense of belonging within my heart, and of being loved and cared for. They helped me to find strength and courage to bring myself back from the edge into the world of the living. They helped me to find happiness and joy in the simple things, they showed me the silver lining in every cloud. They taught me how to see the beauty in myself and others and most of all they brought me their love, tranquility and peace.

Saxon Knight has worked with the Seraphim Angels for many years and she offers (for free) a series of podcasts where you will learn about the Seraphim and listen to their teachings and receive their blessings through meditations. Please click on the link below to find out more, and please do share the link with others so that the Seraphim Angels can intercede more here on Earth. Lord knows we could all use their assistance and encouragement.

If you’ve been following me for a while then you will know I’ve been working with Archangel Michael over the past decade or more, and I know that he will not rest until every man woman and child on this Earth has become aware of their inherent Divinity.

Please don’t be afraid to call on Angels. They are God’s messengers and it is their absolute pleasure in their dedicated service to mankind to uplift and to restore equanimity and balance. They will help you to find your inner peace, and connect you with your inner core power, and reunite you with the Divine Spark that is alive within your Sacred Heart.

I love you and keep you in my heart forever.
Deborah Faith 💗

Saxon and the Seraphim ~ http://www.saxonknight.com/podcasts.html