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Dear Readers,

We were recently invited to be the intermediary for a Reiki attunement for a very special lady who was out here in South Africa visiting family. Just know that each and every one of you are special without exception, and the other side, or spiritual side of life that lives in the unseen realm, sees all of us, all living things actually, as sparkling rays of sunshine. Not just special, but exceptional in our magnificence and radiant light. I digress though, do forgive me….. This beautiful Reiki student’s sister in law showed me a book called ‘Signs’ written by Laura Lynne Jackson, who also wrote ‘The Light Between Us’. Laura is a well known psychic medium. So much of what I’ve read so far has gelled, and 100% resonates with what I myself have experienced over the past decade or so.

I would love to quote the following from her book ‘Signs’:

☆ We are all constantly being watched over by a Team of Light;

☆ We are loved;

☆ We are all connected and invested in one another’s journey’s;

☆ When you ask for signs from the Universe, the Universe speaks back.

My own special spiritual guide Michael who has been holding my hand throughout my journey (climbing Everest!) has always reiterated the exact same principles. We are all truly inter – connected, there is a Web of Life that keeps us all within the Matrix of Life as we experience it here on Earth. Nothing we do is independent, everything has reverberations throughout this matrix. We cannot escape it. To escape it would mean trying to escape ourselves. We are THAT connected.

As Michael says, keep focussed and stay HIGH, meaning keep your frequency in the higher vibes. Those who are reading this will know that we are the masters of our own energy and all co-creators of our reality.

We are currently moving into Divine Partnership with our Higher Selves. We are learning how to embody our own Divinity. And therefore we must align our energy with the higher frequencies of our multidimensional Self. Or Selves, for there are many, not just one.

Look up, not down. Do not become entangled in the lower frequencies bombarding you from every angle. Be in the eye of the storm and know that everything little thing expressed in love, every kindness, every gratitude, every thought based in goodness and gentleness, goes out into the ethers and touches ALL.

We aim to write more than we have been. The metamorphosis is almost at its completion, the butterfly is about to emerge and take flight. Please subscribe to keep in touch with us.

In closing, we would just like to bring these words to mind…. There are two ways to live your life. One is to live as though everything is a miracle and the other is to live as though nothing is a miracle… In order to experience miracles, one has to believe in them

Thank you for reading this blog and Namasté

~ Deborah Faith 💗



“Dear Universe,

Use me how I can best be of service as a vehicle of love and healing in this world. And please just guide me along the way.” ~ Laura Lynne Jackson

Photo credit Pixabay.