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“When you feel all of life as God, what is there to do, what is there to change?  When you truly know that all of life is God, there is no desire to change, for you yourself are complete. Then a true miracle occurs, the seemingly small you, the seemingly incomplete you ……dissolves into God and your will becomes God’s will. You become a messenger of love, and all of your actions are guided by this Source.” ~ Lincoln Gergar

Dear Readers,

We wanted to share these words with you today as they reflect the very truth and core of your Being.

A wise person once said, “to know love one has to honor and respect it first.”

The human mind is self conjured, or created by the personality self. It is not the mind of God. It is the limited mind of a soul separate from its Source and true nature. So you could say that when one begins to ‘lose their mind’ they are on a path of self-discovery. Our journey here in this school of life is to return to the mind and heart of God (the Oneness of Being) which is the ultimate reality and desired destination of every soul. Some call this process or journey, the ascension. It is a shift in awareness from what is illusion – what we previously thought of as real, to what is truly real – that which is also known as ultimate reality. How can you tell the difference? You can only feel ultimate reality through the eyes of love. We say feel because it is not something you can see and touch. It is not physical, it is ethereal, perhaps mystical and magical. Something humans find difficult to believe is real, because it cannot be touched and smelt, only felt. It has no words, no explanation, no definition. It simply just is.
~ Deborah Faith 💗
Wisdom of the I AM

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