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Image by Robert Balog from Pixabay

What if we could just love ourselves free from the thought, belief, idea, that we have messed up in this and perhaps other lifetimes? What if we stopped working on ourselves to eradicate all of our unbelief, darkness or shadows, inner wounds, monkey mind and subjective ego, and instead just embrace the truth of who we really are? What if all of that could dissolve into nothingness simply by accepting that we are perfect whole and complete already?

What if Unconditional Love (what Jesus referred to as Perfect Love) – is the Truth of who we are – and the Ultimate Power that heals all, redeems and transforms all that is not in alignment with its perfection? And what if all it took for this to occur is total and complete surrender to this Divine Inner Truth and Power? What if surrendering to this Inner Divine Power could cause your transformation and upliftment into the 5th dimension and beyond?
Could it be that simple folks?
Yes!!!! Yes, yes and yes again!

Call forth your inner Power and begin using it. Begin to live in it. Begin to ask it to influence every part of your life, your being, every aspect of YOU. And you can start this process by sitting quietly and doing a life review. Make a list, if you wish, of all the things you have accomplished in this life. This can be a real AHA for you!

If you will, allow me to share some of my own life experiences with you that caused me to change the whole way in which I was thinking about my life. It changed me from thinking I had wasted my life with lost opportunities, bad choices etc., and the “if only I had done this or that rather” scenarios that kept playing out as I get older.

In my review I came to realise that I have had an amazing life. I had a brilliant childhood where I had access to fruit trees, fresh home grown vegetables, home cooked meals, a mother who was always there for me ready with a cup of tea and a marmite sandwich when I got home from school. A father who took us fishing and made kites with us. I could play tennis and swim, visit the library at the community center whenever I wished. I learned how to use a knitting machine, read countless books and got my first camera and guitar.

Over the years I’ve experienced how it felt to be different, bullied and ostracised by my peers, judged for my misdemeanours, jealousy and betrayal, shame and blame. I’ve explored many careers from corporate financial management to entrepreneurial endeavors in website development, jewelry making, candle making, knitting and sewing, marketing supplements, tupperware, skincare, you name it, I’ve done it.

I’ve experienced being crazy in love, marriage and divorce, emotional abuse, miscarriage and the loss of loved ones, as well as physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Now I can look back in wonderment and say to myself WOW!!! What a life I’ve lived! Isn’t it amazing??? I had all of those experiences which I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t made the choice to come here into this body, in this time and space, with the people I chose to make these experiences with.

All it takes is a shift in perspective. You are and always will be a part of the perfect Wholeness that is Ultimate Love in all its glory and perfection. Don’t forget this. However tempted it may be to give into your ego and think otherwise. You didn’t come here to be perfect, you already are THAT. You came here to experience polarity. And it’s been a great adventure has it not?

Those you have “lost” along the way are not really lost. They are still very much with you and a part of your life. Many are acting as your spiritual guides.

A change your perspective can change your life. Love is truly all there is. Look upon all you have experienced and accomplished and be grateful for a life lived excellently. You are perfect just as you are. Never has there been a greater YOU!!!

~Deborah Faith 💗
Wisdom of the I AM