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Yesterday I wrote on my Facebook wall to remind myself that if I let my monkey mind (aka ego) lead the way then it will have my sanity for breakfast lunch and supper! Still it is persistant in its nagging…..

In that moment I asked for divine guidance and I distinctly heard “Stay high! Stay high! Stay high!!!”

It is then that I realised how easy it can be to change our state of being/mind. I know this…but being human means we have to be constantly reminded of the power we have. So how does one do this? How do we change state?

Well, we literally have to change our mind, our thinking, in the moment we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, we can consciously choose to aim higher. Sit quietly for a few minutes and go within your heart. By this time your Higher Self is already aware of your intention! Yay!!!! Isn’t that marvelous?? And so all you have to do is sit quietly and allow the highest frequencies of love and light to infiltrate your being, your energy field and your field of resonance. What is a field of resonance you may ask…

Your field of resonance is an energy field that you are creating in each moment that manifests outcomes for your life experience. So if you’re wanting to experience more love in your life, then bring that energy into your field. More relationship harmony, more abundance in the form of money? Health? All of it starts off with a feeling in the form of energy. The more passion you can add to your field, the faster it will manifest. Visualise it, feel it and it will manifest into form. Basically your field of resonance is what you’re resonating with. If it’s discomfort, disquiet, disharmony, then that is what you will reap. So your field can also be referred to as your garden. Plant that which you wish to reap and so it will be.

How do you bring the energy of what you’re wanting to reap into your energy field? You sit quietly and ask your higher self to bring that particular energy into your field and then you add your feelings of gratitude and passion etc., to that energy and viola, it’s that simple. So long as you don’t change your mind again…. keep building the fire and it will burn long and strong!

Nothing is difficult unless you choose for it to be so. Everything manifests easily and with ease and grace. It is only your monkey mind which will try to convince you otherwise. In God’s world, there is ease and grace, and it can be that way in yours also.

Wishing you a most magical day filled with love light ease and grace and blessings!!

~ Deborah Faith 💗