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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Archangel Chamuel reminds us today that peace comes from remembering that only love is real. What I know for sure is that real peace endures the test of time. Peace is the true nature of our Being and with unconditional love comes peace. Because where there is love of the highest nature, peace is also. We say “remember” and we can use the word “knowing” also, except that to know, one has to remember the true nature of one’s being.

And this is true to the task of being here in this world and in this time and space. Where there is so much chaos to be experienced and yet so much peace to drink in at the same time. One must ask oneself, where will I place my focus upon this day. Will I look up at the birds, the tree tops and the beautiful sky beyond or will I watch television or read a book as a form of distraction. Ask yourself always…. “what am I choosing??”

You might be asking “is it not good to know what is going on in the world? Should I rather be hiding my head in the sand as does the ostrich?” And the answer is neither yes nor no, for we say to you, do always what feels most loving to you. Do you really need to watch the news before praying for those who are in need, whether they live next door or on the other side of the world? Know at this time each and every soul could use your prayers, whether they are embodied or disembodied. It makes no difference. Just because a soul is disembodied doesn’t mean they have found peace. Peace can only be found in the light. Where there is love there can be no darkness.

Know always beloved, that only love is real. And whilst it may seem that the opposite is true, just know that divine grace is always there for you and your fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. If you choose it.

When you’re done playing the game of hide and seek with yourself, you will know without a doubt that true love and peace was there inside if you all along. It all depends on where you place your focus whilst playing the game, on whether you choose to be in alignment and it depends on which frequency you choose to be aligned to.

Each day when you wake up say to yourself “I choose love! I choose peace!” Say it over and over to yourself so that this mantra becomes a new program that runs automatically in your human mind and brain each day. The mind is powerful and it governs to a large extent your day to day experience and purpose.

When you are anchored in your Truth your life experience becomes a joyful loving and peaceful one. You will unite in peace both within and without. Natural flow is restored and peace reigns.

Beloved, choose love always and the rest will follow.

Love is attractive and therefore where there is love there is peace, joy, well being, harmony and grace also.

We love you and are completely at your service.

~ Deborah Faith 💗

Wisdom of the I AM

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