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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

All inter – galactic races including those on planet Earth are in the “game of life”. As you know there is nothing (no thing) outside of you and therefore everything you perceive outside of you is also in the “game”. They are also creators of a reality in which they have chosen to have their being.

As you know also, many of these races (civilizations) have moved into more loving and therefore higher state of being and are operating in forms of light and living in a heart – based reality. There are also those who have not, and similar to most Earthlings, are still moving in a 3d(material world) fear-based reality and living in dense physical forms even though they have advanced sciences and have produced amazing breakthrough’s in technology. They have not yet discarded their “power over others” agenda. They too have free will and will in time perhaps “change their minds” about the type of civilization they wish to be-come. Read more ….