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After hearing about something else bad happening in the world recently it suddenly became so clear. There is no life without God, there can only be struggle and suffering. Is this not the whole purpose of the experience of duality? To rediscover ourselves as God Beings – as Love. Pure unconditional unadulterated perfect Love. That is why the scriptures tell us that we should put no other gods before God. Does this mean that Christians should not commune with the Hindu / Buddhist / Muslim deities and so forth? No, not at all. It means to keep the One True Source of All at the very forefront of our focus, it means to be heart centered and to allow nothing adulterated to obliterate that focus and take us off course.

It has nothing to do with religion and who worships what and how. Do you imagine that any deity could be unloving? Buddha is just as pure of intent as Jesus was and still is. The Beloved Lakshmi is just as willing to pour out her blessings of prosperity, inner beauy and well being now as she was thousands of years ago.

Is it possible also that these other gods can be things like social media, mobile devices that people young and old glue themselves to, etc. Scripture is filled with interesting metaphors which, with meditation and serious inner contemplation, reveals its true meaning.

The answer to all things great and small is love which in its Truth can only be felt and therefore experienced when one is focused in ones heart.

There is great magic here! First one must find the love within before it can be made manifest in his or her outer reality. As the Seraphim Angels tell us “Beloved, keep love in your heart always!”

It’s really so simple isn’t it? One looks at the world ouside, the wars and conflict, the tyranny etc., and wonder when it will all end.

The truth is we all have a choice in each moment. Do we bomb this building or shoot that innocent, scream at someone for taking our parking space, be unkind, unloving? Or do we pause, take a moment to decide, is this really me? Am I expressing my highest truth here in this moment?

Yes, love is life! When you can find perfection in the simplest of things, you will see the Universe. And when you choose Love, the whole Universe steps in to assist you!

Wisdom of the I AM

~ Deborah Faith 💗

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