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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A while back in the ethers of time and space you were One consciousness. Just floating through space reveling in the absolute love of just being… and basking in the complete-ness of this natural (Nature) state. Then you began to wonder what it would be like if you ever forgot you were One… if you forgot you were complete and whole. So you decided as One to differentiate, to see what would transpire if you were given polarity to express individually rather than as a Whole. This prospect excited the One immensely and you began to plot and plan how you would do this. Thus you are here, in your Creation, expressing as unique and individual parts of the One consciousness. Every part of life, every animal, insect, flower, tree, blade of grass, rock, grain of sand, water molecule, is an individuated part of the One. Knowing this, you now have the opportunity to open your awareness further to communicate with all these different parts of the One.
You see, you really all are connected to the Tapestry of Life, or Tree of Life as some of you have named it. This is why it is so important now for mankind to broaden it’s horizons, to open itself to new awareness and levels of being, to allow for the unknown to made known, to let go of unbelief, fear and doubt, so that mankind can explore what has never before been explored. There really does exist a whole new world out there for you dear One. Your world is about to explode like the sparks of a fire cracker on the 4th of July! Are you ready? All you have to do is be open and allowing!
~ Wisdom of the I AM
Deborah Faith 💗