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Hello beautiful Earth people ! I just wanted to share with you this incredible compilation of love expressed. This video is guaranteed to change your life.

Please share it! My hope is that it will go viral and reach ONE BILLION people on this beautiful planet that we call home!

There is so much love in this world! Let us remember that. Yes there is the bad stuff also, but we can choose to focus on love and not fear. We can choose to send out good vibrations!

Make today the first day of the rest of your life and no matter how bleak things may appear, always remember the sun is shining up there high above the grey clouds.

You are meant to be here in this time and space for a reason and the reason is your uniqueness, and it is this uniqueness that makes you so special.

You are loved beyond measure!

Have an AWESOME day!

Namasté 💗 Deborah Faith