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Image by Lena Helfinger from Pixabay

The 2:2 Gateway presents all Light Bearers with an opportunity to connect with the Water Bearers – of which there are 2 – to be bathed ( baptised ) by a powerful transmutable energy force.

This powerful cleansing will help to align your energy field into a more powerful and loving connection and experience with your Divine Source and will result in an upgrade that will gain you greater perspective, setting the bar for what is about to unfold for Light Bearers in the remaining 11 months of 2023.

We encourage you to sit quietly, focusing within your spiritual heart, and with deep gratitude, appreciation and much love, accept this gift from the Water Bearers. Bathe in this transmutable energy force field of Light for as long as you wish.

It is there for you now, offered with much love in return for your service to Planet Earth.

En(in)joy, be cleansed, be loved.

And so it IS

~Wisdom of the I AM

Deborah Faith 💗 http://www.archangelsanddevas.com