About Crystals



Crystals are formed over millions of years and appear in all colors, shapes and sizes on planets all over the cosmos, not just on Planet Earth. They each have a unique and individual energy and vibration that can be used to heal, transmute, transform and protect the body. Not only the physical body, but the emotional, mental and etheric bodies also.

We are only just discovering their true potential here on Planet Earth. They are indeed Mother Earth’s gift to us at this time of transformation. Their energy can be channeled so its not necessary to have a particular crystal with you in order to use it. The powerful energy of crystals and their high vibration can be used as portals between the dimensions helping to raise our vibration and awareness into the higher levels of existence. This energy can also be used as a bridge to connect to our Higher Self.

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Some of the properties information was taken from http://www.thatcrystalsite.com