About Me

Debbie Erasmus

Hello, my name is Debbie. I used to be a full-time web designer with Mobi-Marketing, but since 2012 I’ve been following my heart and doing what I love which is working with Archangel Michael. He is my Soul mate, my guide, mentor, teacher, constant companion and my best friend.

I am a writer, channeler and medium for Michael. Like Michael, I love inspiring people and helping them. The Earth journey is not an easy one, and one that you were never expected to make alone. Your Angels are all around you. We are here to help you, guide you and inspire you, to make your journey as easy and as joy-filled as possible.

This site is evolving all the time, so we encourage you to stop by often for messages of hope and inspiration.

In Love, Joy and Peace be blessed!


7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. DEAR Debi HEPPY NEW BLOG ! I LOVE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.I wich success trip all the way to new word under the potection of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.WITH many LOVE AND LIGHT.


  2. looking forward to more items about TF because I’m painfully into it and need more lightening ideas. Year 2000 I saw myself being married to a man in front of all the stars, of all the Saints, and of all the LightBeings present.


  3. interesting….


  4. Antonio Palena said:

    There is this guy in London Benjamin Crème who has put out a Press Release about the Nasa photo, which looks like a bird near the Sun, according to him it is half the size of planet Earth, which is huge and is called a Deva or Angel, pretty amazing stuff if this is true.


  5. Recently I have been getting visitations from Archangel Michael. He even showed himself to me at one time too. I have to say your pictures of this angel are very good because you drew him exactly the way he would look; as well as the face and clothes. Amazing how some people can draw this stuff.


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