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carnelian-propertiesCarnelian opens the heart and connection to the inner self. Carnelian directs the will power and grounds and balances the Base Chakra. Warm, joyous and open. Gives courage and fluency of speech and is a powerful healer. Carry to increase your perceptiveness, create inspiration and to take action. Use to dispel apathy and sorrow. Protects from envy, fear and rage. Carnelians energies are Invigorating and Uplifting. Use to Stimulate the Mind and Concentration. Helps you remember and make decisions. Wear to be Warm, Joyous and Open. Carnelians are great empowerment and self-confidence boosters. Great for calming nerves before public speaking, meetings, competitions and live performances. Frees us from insecurity. Carnelian keeps one focused during high stress pressures that demand 100% calm concentration, clear voice and confidence. It removes stage fright and athletic performance freezing. Carnelians are also used for nightmare and astral travel enhancement and protection. Carnelians have long held their reputation for rekindling intimacy within the marriage, as Carnelian enhances sexual function and therefore can improve sexual intimacy.


celestite-propertiesCelestite has a high vibration and is a teacher for the New Age. It is imbued with divine energies. It takes you into the infinite peace of the spiritual and contacts the angelic realms. It jump-starts spiritual development and urges you toward enlightenment. It brings a vision of peaceful coexistence with the whole of creation and holds the possibility of total harmony.  A magical, angelic addition to any crystal collection!


citrine-propertiesCitrine is solidified sunshine. It emits a solar ray of joy, expansive and potent. Connecting our centre of will with the Divines allows us to use our personal power, mental focus and creative ideas to create a life that is beautiful. Citrine brings clarity, positivity and joyous transformation. Where there is indecisiveness, fogginess or uncertainty, Citrine can be used to become clear as to which direction to follow. Some keep a piece of Citrine in their wallets to bring a constant flow of money into it. Citrine is good for stomach trouble, digestion, thyroid and for circulation. Citrine is one of a very few stones that does not hold on to or accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, working out problems on both the physical and subtle levels. It hence, never needs clearing or cleansing. It activates, opens and energizes the sacral and solar plexus chakras, directing via personal power, creativity and intelligent decisiveness, the energy necessary to enhance the physical body. It stimulates both mental focus and endurance.


clear quartz crystal propertiesClear Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals on the plant. It is not only found worldwide but occurs naturally in many different shapes and forms. The clearer the piece, the more masculine (Yang) energy it has. This type also tends to have stronger, faster acting energy. The milkier specimens are more feminine (Yin) in energy and are better suited to long-term or chronic conditions. It is superb for cleansing, activating and charging all Chakras, and can be used to draw out pain from the physical body.  It is a crystal healing essential, often accounting for the major part of any crystal healing grid or layout.

Quartz Crystals can be used to clear and activate the energy centers of the body, attuning well to the heart chakra and working very well at the third eye. It aids greatly in purifying the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. A healer of negativity associated with ones perspectives and judgments, it can be used to look at the inner negativity and stimulate positive thoughts. It helps one to redirect ones materialistic energies towards the Spiritual realm.

Quartz energizes the energy field in the location where it resides. It can produce a healing force field of negative ions while clearing positive ions from the air, and cancels the harmful effects of radiation/radioactivity. A single quartz crystal, carried on one or placed in ones environment will help maintain balance, energy and protection. Whether carried or placed somewhere, the ‘force’ of the crystal stays attuned to the one to whom it is connected.

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