Crystals Directory – D


danburite-propertiesDanburite is often referred to as The Stone of the Angels because of its ability to access the angelic realms.  It has a very high vibration and can act as a Karmic cleanser – what better stone to work with as we move towards ascension!  Danburite is a wonderful crystal; its pure, gentle yet high vibration carries the cosmic light of Ain Soph – the light of all Universal intelligence – and it also connects with Master Seraphis Bay. Clear specimens resonate with the Crown chakra, whilst the rarer Pink type resonates with both the Crown and Higher Heart chakras.

Danburite assists you in letting your light shine, and helps people to get along with others. It is a powerful intellectual activator, bringing you both stimulus and responsiveness. It is helpful in transforming recalcitrant attitudes, allowing you to maintain personal identity while flowing with the structure of the world. It can be used to facilitate motor capabilities and to provide catalytic action to your muscular structure. It assists in removing toxins from your body. It reflects great light, working at the level of heart and mind to encourage self love.


properties-of-dioptaseDioptase is one of my favourite green stones. Energetically clean, it is like hitting ‘refresh’ on your computer. It gives you a clean slate so you are not jumping all over the place, allowing you to focus and reap the rewards of energetic flow that come from being present and unencumbered. Think of kids and how they have endless energy… Dioptase works to bring us into the moment so that all that clear energy can be yours too… How much more could you achieve with all that energy?? Now you just need to focus it into your joy! And what the books say: Dioptase can be used to both clear and stimulate all of the chakras to the higher level of awareness and action, bringing an invigoration and a refreshing energy to the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies. Stimulates memory of past lives. Helps illuminate oppressive feelings and situations. Great healing energy. Dioptase brings forth and helps us to understand the message that “Yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow is but a vision, and today is real” Living in the moment is the energy of this mineral!


dow quartz propertiesDow Quartz Crystals are a rare formation consisting of 3 channeling faces – a seven-sided face with a three-sided face directly opposite. They are also called a Trans-Channeling Crystal. These crystals combine the properties of both a Channel and a Transmitter in one crystal.They help facilitate intuitive awareness and connection with ‘All That Is’. These rare crystals are considered one of the ‘Twelve Master Crystals’ and are powerful teaching and healing crystals.


double terminated quartz propertiesDT’s are crystals that are naturally terminated (have a point) at both ends or Double Terminated. DTs promote psychic ability, dream recall and are balancing to body, mind and spirit. They allow easier access to the meditative states, the spirit world and to our own inner feelings and creativity. Because they are uniquely able to emit energy from both ends, they are useful in sharing energy and strengthening the aura. Double Terminated crystals have the capacity to draw in as well as emanate out energy from either end of the crystal. By uniting the energies together in the central body of the crystal, a Double Terminated Crystal can then project that unified essence from both ends. This blending of forces allows the Double Terminated Crystal to be used in special meditations and advanced telepathic practices. These crystals are complete unto themselves. They know no limits or boundaries and have grown to completion on each of their polar ends.