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eilat-stone-propertiesEilat Stone is a copper-based combination mineral that includes Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Pseudo-Malachite and Turquoise. Eilat Stone is known as ‘The Sage’. It is the stone for attaining growth towards deeper wisdom. It promotes insight and creative problem solving. It will also cleanse the environment that it resides in. It is a mixture of green, blue, turquoise and brown in colour and is from Eilat in Israel. It is also know as King Solomon stone.The frequency of Eilat Stone connects to the heart and throat chakras. Eilat Stone’s connection to the throat chakra the combination of minerals helps to cleanse the throat area allowing one to be able to speak one’s truth and clearly communicate one’s thoughts and emotions.


emerald-propertiesEmerald balances emotional turmoil, and the confusion of time and space, it centres and brings us into the Now. It brings contemplation of the spirit, the desire to serve, brotherly love and enhances Truth. It intensifies the Chakra energies and opens us up to our own Divinity and deeper spiritual insight. Gives prosperity, tranquility, compassion and balance. Protects against temptation and seduction. Emerald is the stone of physical immortality and rejuvenation, that keeps youthfulness. A wonderful gem to give and receive love.


eudialyte-propertiesPassion, Purpose and Fulfilment! The gifts of Eudialyte. Hidden within the crystalline structure are pools and flashes of light, some are even rainbows that spark ideas in you, dreams and inspiration as if calling you (like your own personal cheer squad) towards the life you came to live, the one that will fulfil you on every level. It brings your heart and base into alignment so you can action all those Divine insights and follow the path of joyous co-creation with all of reality. Eudialyte allows for the hearts deepest desires to manifest in the physical. It allows the things we love the most to become part of our everyday living, thus allowing for a fulfilling life. It is our hearts desire that comes from the Divine. Eudialyte increases our energy and activates and aligns the base and heart chakras. Once the heart is open, self respect follows and the confidence to share your talents openly, thus following your hearts desire. It helps overcome doubt, self criticism, confusion and fear. Its energies support us as we move in the direction of our dreams.