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fairy-stone-propertiesCanadian Fairy Stones, are gorgeous naturally smoothed stones composed of calcium carbonate and were formed in Quaternary deposits left in lakes by receding glaciers, specific to Northern Quebec. These concretions only form when the conditions are just right – when the water is too high they don’t form and when the water is too low they don’t form – only when the “fairies” keep the water at a certain “dancing” level do these stones form beautiful sculptures. The irregular lines on certain stones are traces left by miniature worms, or organic remains, which were fossilized thousands of years ago. They reveal themselves as textured hatchings on an otherwise smooth surface. The Algonquins often carried these treasures as luck charms when they went on fishing or hunting expeditions. The biggest specimens occupied a place of honor in their homes. According to legend, these stones assured protection against bad spirits and brought good health and prosperity to the occupants of the premises. Molded by nature, each stone is one of a kind, making them unique personalities and collection pieces. The Harricana river is named after these stones which resemble biscuits, as in Algonquin ‘Harricana’ means ‘River of the biscuits.’ These stones have a strong link to the nurturing energies of the earth mother, they teach care and concern for the planet and all those upon it, and will assist with any Earth-related work you undertake, as well as grounding, healing and manifesting Earthly abundance.


fire-agate-propertiesFire agate represents the spiritual flame of absolute perfection. It dispels fear from the very depths of our inner being and provides a protective shield which reflects any negative energy back to its source so they understand personally their act. Helps us to stay on our path towards enlightenment by dispelling desires that would steer us off track. It encourages us to be the ‘best’ possible Its energy provides the impetus to take action and stimulates both progression and advancement.


fluorite-propertiesOn a spiritual level as we ground to Earth and give permission for our soul to fully experience physical reality, our psychic/intuitive gifts naturally evolve. This process occurs as grounding effectively supports your awareness in bringing higher vibrational frequencies into slower physical forms that the brain can comfortably process. Thus we have the potential to translate high frequency light languages from other dimensions, realms and planets when we connect deeply to our planet. As Fluorite assists our anchoring of higher states of being, the crystal is literally facilitating the activation of our dormant DNA. Activation means the turning on of DNA codes that were switched off during our transition to physical life here on Earth. As the codes turn on, and our consciousness awakens to our multi-dimensional states of being, we begin to remember who we truly are, our Soul Purpose for being on Earth at this time and a deeper appreciation of the oneness of all creation.

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