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golden-rutilated-quartz-propertiesGolden Rutilated quartz contain rutile mineral inclusions which are small needlelike crystals.  It is sometimes referred to as the Venus-hair stone.  Golden rutilated quartz integrates energy at many levels. It heightens the energy of other quartz stones and is an important healing stone. Illuminates the soul. Cleanses and energizes. Removes barriers to spiritual growth.The sizzling power of the rutile threads will bring through intense energy, and when combined with quartz creates an amazing vibration. These stones are powerful amplifiers of your thoughts allowing you to make contact with the Divine mind and receive Divine inspiration. This process may stimulate your spiritual creativity and your ability to manifest what you desire in your life  through the power of intention. These golden rutile threads infuse your etheric body with Divine light so they are powerful tools for healing. It will work within all of the chakras but its energy works particularly well within the solar plexus chakra which is the seat of your emotions. This stone will support you as you let go of past issues of an extremely negative nature and it will even aid you to access past life issues that are holding you back in your Spiritual growth. It is a powerful psychic protection crystal and this will render you safe as you release negativity, especially the deep, darker stuff that this stone assists you to release. Golden Rutilated Quartz cleanses the aura as it draws off negative energy. Once you are able to let go of this negative energy you may move forward in your personal and spiritual growth. It has an ability within it to lift your mood so is powerful for you if you are depressed. It aids you to relieve anxiety, fear, phobias and self loathing and to forgive yourself on all levels.