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properties of sapphiresSapphire opens us up to the Higher dimensions and brings spiritual light to its wearer. It has great healing energy, aids the power of concentration and assists greatly in meditation. Sapphires stimulate psychic abilities, enhances intuition, expands cosmic awareness and strengthen our connection to our Higher Self. Sapphires help us to release unwanted thoughts and bring us joy and peace by enhancing our awareness to the the beauty around us. Often referred to as the ‘stone of prosperity’ it helps us to sustain an awareness of the gifts that life has to ofter and alleviating frustration. Blue sapphire assists in the healing of the entire body. It stimulates the throat chakra and assists in communication.


seleniteThis high vibrational stone transmits the pure light of the Divine. It will help you to reach higher states of consciousness and it clears away negative energy and removes emotional turmoil and confusion. Selenite is self-cleansing and will cleanse other crystals and clear unwanted energy and permeate its surroundings with pure white light energy. It is therefore a wonderful stone to use to grid your home for transmuting negative energy.

Selenite enhances the connection with the Divine as it quickly activates the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakras. It will heighten intuition and clears mental haze. It is an excellent stone when used in problem solving as it brings insight and mental clarity. It allows you to see what is needed in order for you to move forward.


sugiliteIts vibration is of true Divine love and encourages the manifestation of this vital energy in our surroundings and very being. It assists the user in resonating with the energy of the New Age and attuning to the perfect state of higher planes. Using Sugilite enables the flow of this energy to enter the crown chakra and flow through all the chakras helping with our connection to source. It assists with the gift of forgiveness both to yourself and others and empowers the user to discover the unique gifts they have brought into this world. Sugilite makes it easier to become accepting of others and to be present to the here and now. Sugilite seems to protect against, absorb and dissipate anger, hurt and other unwanted negative energies. It is a nurturing and balancing stone at all levels. Truly a stone of the New Age, Sugilite is extremely effective in those wishing to explore the relationship between physical health and the mental body. It attracts healing power and enables insight into the root causes that manifest as physical problems, whilst enabling the user to channel large amounts of energy and balancing the emotions. Sugilite that is included with veins of Manganese is particularly effective. Sugilite is one of the most powerful 3rd eye activators around. It is recommended you use Amethyst on the 3rd eye first as Sugilite can be a bit intensive to use initially. Once this is done, Sugilite can be used. It helps us with severe change. It also helps us integrate the new energies coming onto the planet en-mass at this time. Used as an elixir in the bath, the crown Chakra is activated. Sugilite is sometimes known as “the healer’s stone” because of its great ability to enhance healing. It is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. In addition to its well known enhancement of our healing ability, it also strengthens us spirituality, and enhances our psychic ability and channeling. Sugilite is a stone that helps us to feel the perfection of Divine Love and opens the heart chakra to unconditional love. It can help manifest one’s natural gifts and protect against harsh realities. It lowers hostility, anger, jealousy and prejudice and gives a sense of freedom. It is excellent for all kinds of psychic protection. It has been used for headaches and to decrease all types of discomfort. Sugilite assists to cleanse, strengthen and extend the aura. It is also the stone associated with Archangel Michael.

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